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Our commitment to providing industry leading CAD solutions is further strengthened through its continued investments in the highly qualified workforce well, quality ensuring project management processes as well as latest technological infrastructure that enable effective communication across time zones and cultures. Because of the time zone difference between Asian and Western countries, you can get your work done while your business is closed in the evening. This is especially beneficial for companies that have to deliver services round the clock. We have experience in CAD conversion services. We can convert any of your old paper drawings scanned into PDF or any image formats into editable CAD formats.


Paper to CAD Conversion

  • Pdf to DWG Conversion
  • Hand sketches to CAD Conversion
  • Hand scribbles to CAD Conversion
  • Scanned drawings to CAD Conversion
  • Blueprint to CAD Conversion

Raster to vector Conversions in CAD

  • Digitization services
  • Conversion of prints to CAD vector formats
  • Raster image to CAD Conversion

CAD redrafting & Conversion

  • Dimensioning services
  • Template creations